Use Quality Concrete Crack Repair Products

Choosing a quality concrete crack repair product is absolutely essential to having the beautiful garage floor you desire. Using the right concrete crack repair products are all part of the preparation proccess If the cracks and dimples in your garage floor cement are not filled and finished off properly, you will not be happy with the finished product of your garage floor treatment.

There a couple of things to consider when choosing which concrete repair products to use for your garage floor repair.

1. width and depth of the crack, or chip that needs to be filled

2. is the concrete on both sides of the crack even, or is one side higher or lower than the other

3. Think about the finished texture of the crack repair product in comparison to the texture of your existing concrete garage floor.

All of these factors will have an impact on the beauty and longevity of your garage floor system.

A Great Product for Small Repairs

E-Z Poly Concrete Crack Filler, is a product that works wonderfully for smaller crack repairs, as well as building up dropped areas in your concrete floor.

E-Z Poly is very quick and simple to use, because it comes in its own mixing pouch, that also serves as the applicator. This pouch is internally divided to keep the activating agents separated until ready to use. In a nut shell, there a three very simple steps to using this product.

1st...simply remove the divider clip from pouch

2nd...massage the pouch to mix the two internal agents

3rd...cut the corner of the pouch to apply to repair area

This kit will cost you about ten bucks, from Dutch Guard. The table below shows the approximate coverage, and dry time.

DRYING / CURING TIME LINE:5 Minutes Semi liquid gets into small cracks, 10 Minutes Pancake batter, for spreading and vertical applications, 20 Minutes Putty for shaping or carving, 2 Hours Hard enough for power tools, drill, sand, shave, route, plane, nail or glue to itself,

24 Hours Fully cured for painting or staining,

COVERAGE (One - 6oz Kit) Estimated Coverage with 1/2 Inch DepthWidth of Crack Length of Crack1/8 Inch 14 Feet1/4 Inch 7 Feet1/2 Inch 3.5 Feet

For Larger Areas Needing Repair

I have found Quikrete to be an ever reliable source when it comes to concrete repair, and patching.

Actually Quickrete can fill the need for concrete crack repair products, as well as patching or filling holes.

If your cement garage floor is older and somewhat rough, Quickrete products will probably finish off with a texture closer to your existing concrete garage floor. We are all familiar with the 60lb unmixed bags of cement, and mortar mix available from Quickrete, but they also offer convenient pre-mixed products as well.

Pre-mixed products come in such varieties as squeezable quart bottles and tubes, and also in 1 gallon pales.

If you've had success with a particular product, let me know by filling out the form below. I'll be glad to check it out, and possibly include it in our product recommendations for concrete crack repair products, or other products concerning garage floor systems.

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