Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles

If you want a Garage Floor System that delivers high impact appearance, with great versatility, and rugged durability, Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles should be on your short list. With all the various designs and colors available for interlocking tiles, it is probably the easiest garage floor system to customize to your own personal design.

Most brands available allow you to mix and match colors, designs, boarders, and in some cases even sizes or logos.

Design - Layout - Sizes

Most interlocking garage floor tiles have two identical, and two opposite edges, that allow tiles to easily be locked together, creating a semi permanent garage floor treatment. The male/female hook and loop apparatus make for a strong locking mechanism that also allows for portability. With tile sizes ranging from 12" square, to 18" square, you can build your garage floor system to whatever size you need.

Many garage floor interlocking tile manufacturers also have a beveled boarder option available, that allows you to make your own custom garage floor mat.

The borders are approximately 3" wide x 12" long, with the same hook and loop attachment as the interlocking tiles for a perfect fit.

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