Benefits and Advantages of Installing a new Garage Floor


If you're like me, the #1 reason is probably because you want the best looking Garage Floor on the block. But the real benefits of a Garage Floor System go way beyond the "WOW" factor.

Obviously the advantages for installing a new garage floor system, will vary for each of us depending on how we use our garage. The benefits we can expect from our new garage floor are also determine by the weather climate where we live. For example, I suspect that road salt being tracked in on car tires is not a very serious problem in Pheonix, Arizona, but hot tires on an epoxy garage floor likely is a concern.

Keep in mind this is a general list of benefits, and advantages for installing a new Garage Flooring System... Not all of these benefits will apply to every type of garage flooring available. We will highlight the advantages of each type of garage flooring specifically as we look into all of them one at a time.

A Cleaner Garage Floor Track less dirt into your home. Garage floor coatings and garage floor sealers don't aid much in this area, but polyvinyl rollout mats help considerably, because their pattern has the tendency to knock dirt, sand, and debris off your feet. Many of the the interlocking tile garage floor coverings will do the same.

Exercise Room Floors, Trade Show Booth Floors Provides cushioned support

Hides cracks in concrete floor

Perfect Playroom Floor Reduces noise & Safer For Children

Provides moisture barrier

Helps isolate spills

Insulates Garage Floor

Garage floor systems look awesome

Obviously the Garage floor system you choose will depend a which of these benefits matter most to you. Garage floor epoxy coating looks fantastic, however epoxy floors do not contain spills as well as a garage floor parking mat. Garage floor parking mats add cushioned support, but are not as durable or permanant as an epoxy system is, and interlocking garage floor tiles have their advantages as well.

Ultimately it all comes down to what garage floor system best fits your garage floor needs, and I suppose your budget has a considerable vote in this decision also.