Garage Floor Preparation

Garage Floor Preparation, and garage floor repairs are an absolute must before you install your new garage floor.

There is probably no need to state the obvious, but here I go anyway...the quality result of your new garage floor system, depends on the quality of your floor preparation. There is no doubt about it, the preparation and repair of your garage floor is the most important part of your new garage floor system.

Is Your Garage Floor Suitable?

Long before you decide to treat your garage floor surface, you will need to determine if your existing garage floor surface is suitable for a new garage floor treatment, it's all part of the garage floor preparation proccess.

The criteria for polyvinyl rollout parking matts , or interlocking garage floor tiles, is much more forgiving than the requirements for polyaspartic (The Ultimate Garage Floor), and epoxy floors are. Other than cracks in the cement, chips in the concrete floor, or dimples that need to be filled, the most potentially damaging problem can be to much moisture in or below your cement garage floor.

This moisture problem will prevent you from having a beautiful garage floor long term, because the moisture will push the concrete coating off your garage floor surface, leaving blisters in your new garage floor system that will peel and flake off, and leaving you with a mess, and an almost impossible problem to solve.

There are some high-tech ways to determine if this moisture problem exists with your garage floor, but in this case the simple way happens to also be the cheapest way (imagine that).

To determine if your garage floor potentially has a moisture problem, just cut a square piece of plastic, approximately 18"x18". Using duct tape, secure all four sides of the plastic to your garage floor (do not leave any air gaps in the tape). I would suggest doing this in two or three areas of your garage floor, but it isn't absolutey crucial to do so.

Allow the plastic to remain for at least a full day before removing. If you have moisture on the bottom side of the plastic, you may want to consider a garage floor covering, rather than a garage floor coating.

This simple test will save you time, money, and major frustration.

Repair Before You Prepare

Concrete floor preparation usually begins with at least some garage floor repair. Inspect your garage floor for cracks, dimples, uneveness, and settleing.

If you notice any of these problems, make sure your make the neccesary repairs before you proceed to the surface preparation stage. Click to our garage floor repair link for more info.

Garage Floor Preparation begins with Garage Floor Repair

Concrete Floor Repair Products To Ensure a Quality Outcome

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