Epoxy Coatings Might Be The Right Choice For You !!!

There is no doubt about it, when it comes to Garage Flooring Systems, Epoxy Coatings are tough to beat. Epoxy coatings have become a popular garage flooring preference for many, for alot of good reasons. In no particular order, lets look at some of the reasons why epoxy floor coatings are so often the best garage flooring option.


One of the main reasons garage floor epoxy is so popular is because of epoxy's terrific durability. As it turns out epoxy is extreemly resistant to chemicals, which are so prevelant in garages today. If your garage is like most, and contains cans of gasoline, lawn fertilizer, cleaning chemicals, and automotive fluids, then an Epoxy Garage Floor Coating will probably put a Smile on your face.

Your epoxy garage floor will consist of two parts. There is a "base" and a "curing agent", that when mixed together in the proper ratio create a chemical reaction (kind of exciting) generating heat, which cause a hardening proccess, that ultimately becomes hard "plastic".

As boreing as this sounds it's actually pretty cool, and makes for a Great garage floor because of it's incredible bond strength. Designs for Epoxy Coatings


Lets face it. This is probably our main reason for installing a new Garage Floor System in the first place. After all, we have to look at it nearly everyday. Not to mention, our garage floor ought to look better than our neighbors garage floor anyway.

They are easier to keep clean also

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