Cushioned Floor Tiles Have Lots of Great Uses

SoftTile interlocking foam mats are one of the coolest, most versatile products I've ever come across. Endless uses for home, business, and recreational make SoftTile a must have product for everyone.

This surprisingly inexpensive interlocking floor tile comes in 5/8" thick, and 1" thick varieties, and have puzzle like interlocking edges for a snug fit, and attractive appearance.

This cushioned tile is available in 2'x2' square tiles, and 1'x1' square tiles. Each size is compatable with the other, which allows for more customization of your floor covering.

Big Time WOW Factor

When I first saw this versatile product I thought "WOW", this stuff is really cool. The more I looked at this SoftTile product I begain to think "HOLY COW" this stuff is really, really cool (maybe I'm easily impressed).

Cushioned floor mats are not exactly new technology, but SoftTile is different, and offers more oppertunities to enhance your home, business, or workshop than many other more expensive floor tiles.

Check out Softiles Official Website Here

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