Enjoy An Affordable, Portable, & Outstanding Attractive Appearance

With A Garage Floor Mat

One of the quickest, easiest, and most affordable garage floor coverings to install is a polyvinyl Garage Floor Mat. Whether you are looking for individual parking pads for each of your vehicles, or if you're covering that Garage Floor Wall to Wall, Garage Floor Protection Mats cover the bases pretty well.

They are easy to move, easy to install, & affordable. Garage Floor Roll-Out Protection Mats are versatile, attractive and easy to clean.

An Easy To Clean Garage Floor Mat

It really is pretty nice to be able to just pull the garage floor mat out on the driveway and hose that baby down. Give it a little time to dry, and soon its back inside protecting and beautifying your garage floor. Hose it clean

Endless Uses, Almost !!!

Garage Floors

Storage Sheds

Utility Trailers

Dog Kennels

Pick-Up Truck Beds




Walk-In Coolers


Yep, Pretty much anywhere that you walk, park, stand, or work could be a good place to use a vinyl parking mat.

Colors? Oh Yeah, Take Your Pick

Several Patterns Too

Ribbed Pattern
Ribbed Pattern

Coin Pattern
Coined Pattern

Levant Pattern

Diamond Pattern

Roll Out Mats VS Epoxy

There are certainly alot of good reasons to install an epoxy floor, and you can see the epoxy floor advantages at the link below.

One of the big benefits of installing a vinyl garage floor covering is the minimal preparation time required. Garage floor mats require very little floor preparation. If your garage floor is free of sand, dirt, and debris, and the concrete surface does not have large dipples and divets, you're good to go.

That is not the case if you want an epoxy garage floor treatment. The prep time for epoxy floors can be quite extensive, including: filling, degreasing, etching, taping, drying, and waiting.

epoxy floor advantages

Garage floor mats offer another benefit as well, it's the "do it yourself" savings plan. Because the material cost is less than epoxy floors, and due to floor mats "do it yourself" nature, you can save major money while still having a fantastic looking garage floor finish.

Vinyl garage floor mats are also extreemely durable. G-Floor vinyl floor mats are manufactured from a very tough polyvinyl material that will last for years, and is not prone to peel, crack, chip, or release due to hot tires.

When deciding between an epoxy garage floor, or a removable vinyl garage floor mat you may also consider that you could potentially replace the vinyl garage floor covering up to 2 or 3 times for the same cost as one epoxy floor application.

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