Garage Floor Repair

Garage Floor Repair is the first step to a long lasting and great looking garage floor. Unless your concrete garage floor is brand new, it probably will neesd some repair.

Speaking of new concrete garage floors, you should wait about a month before applying any concrete coatings, concrete sealers, paints, or epoxy to your new garage floor.

Products for Repairing your Garage Floor

Inspect your Garage Floor

Look your concrete garage floor over really closely to determine what, if any repairs will be needed. If you are planning on installing polyvinyl rollout garage floor mats, you can get by with some minor cracks and dimples in the garage floor without it really effecting the performance or the appearence of your new garage floor system.

Polyvinyl rollout mats provide a great way to hide cracks and dimples, however, if the cracks are to wide or uneven I would suggest filling them with concrete crack filler. You may also want to use a concrete patch/filler product to fill any dimples in your concrete garage floor that seam to large or to deep.

Once you've accomplished that task you are ready to install your new polyvinyl rollout mats. If you are applying a garage floor system that requires adhesion to the concrete floor, such as epoxy, concrete sealants, paints, or the ultimate garage floor polyaspartic polyurea, you have a bit more work to do.

Polyvinyl Rollout mats require less garage floor repair and preparation