A clean Garage is a great place to work, unless you don't like to work, then its just a great place to hangout.

Regardless of whether your garage is a workshop, an office, a recreation room, storage area, or the perfect place to park your car (imagine that), garage floor coverings, and garage floor coatings make it a lot easier to keep that garage floor clean.

You don't need me to tell you that a concrete garage floor finish does not sweep up very well, especially if your concrete garage floor is older, and has cracks in the concrete, or dimples from years of traffic.

Depending on how deep the cracks or dimples are, you may need a little garage floor repair, before you can proceed with any garage floor finish.

I've talked with more than one person who wishes they would have spent a little more time on garage floor surface preparation before installing their new custom garage floor, only to be disappointed to still see cracks and dimples in their new concrete coating.

Garage Floor Repairs

Garage Floor Preparation

If you chose a polyvinyl rollout mat, the Ribbed Pattern really sweeps up nice because of the consistant long running pattern. Garage floor sealers, and Garage floor coatings, also sweep up nice, primarily due to their non-pourous nature.