A Ribbed Garage Floor Mat

When deciding which garage floor mat pattern you install to protect your garage floor, the Ribbed garage floor mat has certain advantages that other patterns do not have.

First of all, because the ribbed pattern runs consistently in one direction, it is extremely easy to sweep clean. Obviously if the ribbed pattern is running in the direction of your garage door, that would be best so you can just sweep all your garage grime right out the door. Of course you can always slide your garage floor mat out onto the drive way and just hose it off, because it is so portable, besides it gives you a chance to show off your garage floor to the neighbors.

Easier to Contain Spills

For the same reason the ribbed garage floor mat sweeps up easy, it also does a better job of containing spills. The ribbed pattern allows you to direct water and other liquids down the channels, giving you better control, and offering you better garage floor protection.

Sizes and Thickness

If your looking for a single car garage floor mat, G-Floor rollout mats are the right choice for you, or if your looking for a double car garage floor mat, G-Floor rollout mats are also the right choice for you. Why?

Because of the widths and lengths that are available.
With sizes ranging from 7-1/2ft wide up to 10ft wide, and lengths from 14ft all the way to 60ft vinyl rollout mats become an attractive garage floor system option for almost any garage enthusiest.

The ribbed garage floor mat is available for residential or commercial applications, in thicknesses of 55mil. and 75mil.

What about Price?

Because the ribbed garage floor mat is the original G-Floor product for the garage, it is also one of the most cost effective garage floor systems on the market.

Pricing for the ribbed pattern will run any where from $1.20 per/sqft to just over $2.00 per/sqft, depending on the size and thickness of the mat.

Keep in mind that because the G-floor rollout parking mat is so easy to install, you will not be spending money on installation.

Big $$$ Savings & Attractive Appearence

With all the ease and versatility of vinyl rollout mats, not to mention the great looks, cost savings, and the speedy do it yourself installation, the ribbed garage floor mat is one of the best choices available.Back


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