Coin Pattern

Garage Floor Protector

In my opinion the Coin pattern offers the best appearance for a garage floor protector, and does not sacrifice quality or durability in the process.

I can't say for sure why, but I just really like the way it looks.The first time I saw the coin pattern being used as a garage floor protector, was at an instant oil change place. I was just impressed at how rugged it looked, yet it was sharp in appearance at the same time.

Coin Pattern VS Ribbed Pattern

The coin pattern is designed more as a commercial and industrial garage floor protector than the ribbed pattern is, primarily due to its thickness.

The commercial grade is 75mil thick, with the industrial grade at 85mil. For your typical residential garage floor treatment, the commercial grade should be sufficient.

Pricing and Sizes

The Coin pattern garage floor protector is available in sizes that range from 7-1/2ft to 10ft wide, and lengths from 14ft up to 60ft.

Depending on the thickness you choose, the price can range anywhere from $2.50 per/sqft to $3.50 per/sqft. Obviously the smaller size parking mats run a little higher per square foot that the larger sizes do, but this gets you in the price range. For good bold appearance and great garage floor protection, the coil pattern is my #1 one choice when it comes to vinyl rollout garage floor protectors, and when you factor in the easy installation, its tough to beat the price.

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